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the challenge

The floral industry has its challenges from a marketing standpoint. There is a story to tell on how flowers arrive to one’s doorstep when ordering from the 1-800 giants of the world. Boesen the Florist had been using a national marketing company that helps florists around the country with their digital marketing, but they didn’t feel they were getting a strong enough message out that was unique to them and combats the large national florists. Boesen came to Hatch to help them stand out in the marketplace and to stand up to the national florists. They also were looking for a company to take full control of how they were spending their marketing dollars.

Campaign Creative

One aspect of the Boesen brand that wasn’t being portrayed within their marketing was how unique their floral arrangements were. Boesen doesn’t only design classic arrangements that you can get anywhere. The goal with our campaign creative was to show the consumer that Boesen has Iowa’s best floral designers, and they create one-of-a-kind arrangements for every occasion.

We wanted a campaign with legs for all holidays, so the creative outcome was to show that every occasion or holiday arrangement was created by Boesen, while pairing the message with boutique-style imagery or video to show Boesen the Florist is the best choice for your next floral need in Central Iowa.


Converstion rate Increase
INCREASE IN Economic Revenue


Hatch establishes appropriate creative for each tactic and manages all traditional and digital campaigns for Boesen from start to finish by setting up online conversion points, serving impressions into the marketplace and tracking results with our client-facing online dashboard.

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