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the Process

We took ePlant through three days of discovery sessions to bring clarity to ePlant’s business, goals, brand essence and primary audiences. We then developed three overarching concepts to help ePlant decide which message and look aligned best with their vision for the company. We collaborated to bring the logo, look and message to the finish line. 

the Brand

We created a brand for ePlant that was inspired by the organic forms in nature and the modern simplicity present within technology. The logo, look and message work together to represent ePlant's evolving vision to use state-of-the-art wireless sensors and data systems to process growth, biomechanics and environment into actionable insights than improve health and performance of trees and plants. 

ePlant tree tag app scan screen.Home screen of the ePlant app for the tree tag device. ePlant app start screen design.ePlant app added devices screen
Connect ePlant Device - Install Long-range radio gateway and connect via ethernet, WiFi, cell, or satelliteInstall Tree Tag - Insert mounting screw, attach tag, activate with ePlant App.Collect Data - Connect to the ePlant Cloud API from anywhere in the world for real-time data.
Two boxes one white and one green that shows the ePlant Tree Tag packaging.
ePlant Banner images featuring the device that can be used at tradeshows.

We engaged the Hatch team to help us with branding, messaging, creative design and website development. The team has been very professional, insightful, and efficient. They are a great go-to partner.

Kurt, VP Customer Experience

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