It all starts with a brand. Here at Hatch, we take pride in building cohesive brands through marketing strategy, creative services, website design, media buying and digital services. We are a team of innovators who fully embrace the creative process.

Mercy One

Digital Advertising + Video

MercyOne needed a partner they could trust to manage their digital campaigns transparently for them while providing detailed reporting on the backend. Hatch is proud to help extend the brand awareness of MercyOne in both Des Moines and Dubuque areas while providing industry leading reports to ensure a positive ROI.

Digital Advertising Services Include:
SEM / Paid Social / Pre-Roll Video / YouTube / Display / Programmatic Audio / Connected TV / Google Play / App Store

Targeting Tactics Include:
Demographic / Behavioral / Contextual / Geofencing / Geoframing / Retargeting

Video Production:
Hatch has also partnered with MercyOne Des Moines to produce various videos across multiple departments. From creating the concepts to shooting and editing, Hatch was able to help from start to finish.

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