South story bank

Discovery, Branding, Messaging, website Design, UX App Design, Packaging, Environmental


South Story Bank came to Hatch to help develop a new overall look and feel for their brand with a website that met their changes needs as a growing bank. Through our discovery process, we met with all key stakeholders at the bank and gained understanding across departments on how the bank was positioned, the services they provide and how they would like to prioritize those services.

creative messaging

After discovery, Hatch developed two different creative messaging concepts for South Story Bank to review. From there, the client provided feedback to Hatch, and we then finalized into one concept. Once Approved, Hatch was able to then incorporate this new look and feel into their print, digital and web designs.


For the website, the first step was to determine the user experience (UX) across the new website Hatch was to develop which didn’t include any design elements to allow for the team to focus on how the user would navigate the site without being distracted by new designs to review at the same time. From there, Hatch applied the new designs and messaging to the new layout to finalize the project.

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